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1、High Quality Ball Bearing: High-quality ball bearings ensure smooth, fast rotation and avoid twisting, twisting or bending like other fitness ropes, giving you the perfect skipping movement.
2、Fully Adjustable: 9.8 feet long, adjustable length, fully adjustable to your height. You can adjust the length according to your height to make your shoulders, chest, arms and legs firm and keep your body healthy and slim.
3、Comfortable Non-slip Handle: Ergonomic handle, 6-inch soft memory foam handle, breathable, comfortable and non-slip, making the skipping rope easy to hold.
4、More Efficient: With two 80g weight iron blocks, the weight can be adjusted, and the strength can be adjusted according to the situation, and the training is more efficient.
5、Widely Applicable: Suitable for all ages (adults, children, perfect fitness, aerobics, jumping, crossover, jumping, MMA, boxing, speed training, calf, thigh and forearm reinforcement, leg training and endurance training.

High Quality Ball Bearing: High-quality ball bearings ensure smooth, fast rotation and avoid twisting, twisting or bending like other fitness ropes, giving you the perfect skipping movement.
Fully Adjustable: 9.8 feet long, adjustable length, fully adjustable to your height. You can adjust the length according to your height to make your shoulders, chest, arms and legs firm and keep your body healthy and slim.
Comfortable Non-slip Handle: Ergonomic handle, 6-inch soft memory foam handle, breathable, comfortable and non-slip, making the skipping rope easy to hold.
More Efficient: With two 80g weight iron blocks, the weight can be adjusted, and the strength can be adjusted according to the situation, and the training is more efficient.
Widely Applicable: Suitable for all ages (adults, children, perfect fitness, aerobics, jumping, crossover, jumping, MMA, boxing, speed training, calf, thigh and forearm reinforcement, leg training and endurance training.
Handle material: ABS + foam
Rope material: polyester woven + rubber
Rope length: about 3m/9.84ft

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1*weight jump rope

Weight 0.38 oz
Dimensions 26.0 × 10.0 × 5.0 in
Feature 1

Adjustable length

Weight Rope Fitness Training

For Aerobics Endurance Training Gym

Feature 3

High Quality Ball Bearing


Weight jump rope

Feature 2

The rope weight can be adjusted


Weavon Rope

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Single Skip Rope

Ball Bearing Jumping Rope

Untangled Fast Cable Jumping Rope


3 m (Personal)

Handle material

ABS + foam