Multifunctional Spring Hula Hoops Fashion Soft Spring Flexible Thin Waist Pilates Yoga Circle Abdomen Fitness


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Multifunctional spring hula hoops fashion soft spring flexible thin waist pilates yoga circle abdomen fitness

its outer ring is made of PVC spring, enhanced the flexibility, the inner ring is composed of steel spring, improved its strength; To rotate hula hoop through the coordinating movement of the body, give a good squeeze on the abdomen so as to facilitate fat burning; This hula hoop not only with a significant function for weight loss but also can relieve back pain and indigestion problems with similar effect of massaging. Tighten your abdomen, showing an amazing power.

Material: outer ring: PVC spring, inner ring: steel spring
Size(approx.): length: 140cm / 55.12in, tiled diameter: 45cm / 17.72in, outer diameter of spring: 3cm / 1.18i

1 X spring soft hula hoop

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